Bugzee Lix hit single “G5” has inspired this line of HipHop/BMX wear bearing the new Bugzee Lix logo. This Bugzee Lix bmx bunny logo symbolizes the style, ruggedness, and the individuality of Bugzee. Some Bugzee fans love HipHop, Bikes, Partying, Traveling and Snowboarding! Stand out with this apparel and accessories. Buy items from this shop and post a picture wearing them… Use the hastag #BugzeeLix #MetaverseRapstars and #BMXBugzee and you may receive a repost, shoutout or thank you video from Bugzee himself. You never know!!

And also purchase a piece of NFT art from Bugzee’s RICH DAD POOR KID collection on: Opensea.io/Richdadpoorkid

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