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Groovy Hooman Token Corp. crypto consulting is here to facilitate your full understanding of investing in the blockchain. We get that the average person doesn’t have the time to sit down and learn an entirely new industry with It’s own terms and concepts. That is why we designed a 7 step consulting process to help you navigate the new world of Blockchain, Digital Assets, Cryptocurrency, VR, Metaverse, and Bitcoin ETFs.

Our 7-step process includes

Crypto Wallet set-up – Just like with a physical wallet, you need a place to store your digital assets. We will help you in selecting the right wallet and help with the set-up process. We will give you a basic to professional understanding of the wallet and help you onboard digital assets

Cryptocurrency Knowledge – Through a series of different tasks, we will help you to navigate the world of digital assets and cryptocurrency. We will navigate through different cryptocurrencies, and their use case, their websites, and their social media channels to help you find assets that can make you profit.

Crypto Trading Strategy – We will help you understand why people have the potential of making a monthly living trading crypto and other blockchain products and help you to plan out a strategy to it this yourself. We will teach you about Ethereum gas fees, and the workarounds to avoid losing large sums of money performing a crypto-to-crypto trade. We will teach you how to safeguard funds when the crypto market is volatile and how to capitalize on it’s volatility.

Crypto taxes – Crypto taxes can be tricky and are of the utmost importance to pay attention to. You could be paying a lot of taxes if you make large amounts of profits via the blockchain. We will discuss with you possible ways to avoid being over-taxed. We will also share some tips with you on how to avoid taxes all together. We are not financial advisors, but we at Groovy Hooman Token have researched some state laws around the US to discover which states are the most crypto friendly. We will also help you navigate the processes we suggest to avoid these crypto taxes.

Complex crypto investments – There are basic ways to invest in crypto, and some that are more complex than others. We will discuss with you some more advances ways of making profit in blockchain and give you a few options on how to enter these investment gateways. From connecting your crypto wallet to these gateways to teaching you the concepts of how these gateways work, we will help you navigate the muddy waters of more complex investment strategies in the digital asset space.

Crypto Language – The blockchain space has it’s own language, so as we consult you on strategies, and knowledge of the space. We will be introducing you to new terms that are used heavily in the crypto space. Some terms that have been heard on CNBC, Bloomberg Money Watch, Yahoo finance and CNN have become household terms. However, deep within the blockchain and crypto community there are terms we will introduce you to, that once you know how to look for them, can help you make money, and avoid losing money. We will teach you a bulk of these terms, and also show you how to apply these terms to your trading strategies for maximum results.

Metaverse investing, Meta and VR – Meta and Metaverse are two terms that are popping up more and more in the mainstream media. Facebook even changed it’s name to Meta. We will teach you what we know about the metaverse, and it’s future as an industry. We will show you how to invest in the metaverse while it is in it’s infancy to maximize profit, and to equip you with ownership in this new asset class.


  1. A la carte basic session 1 hour for $100 (Select one of the 7-steps for the session)
  1. A la carte intermediary session – 1 hour for $150 (Select one of the 7-steps for the session)
  1. A la carte advanced session – 1 hour for $200 (Select one of the 7-steps for the session)

 a.1) Full 7-step consultation basic session – 7 – 45 minute sessions for $750

 a.2) Full 7-step consultation intermediary session – 7 – 45 minute sessions for 1000$

 a.3) Full 7-step consultation advanced session – 7 – 45 minute sessions for $1500

We Accept CashApp, Venmo, Paypal, Zelle, Certified Cashier’s Check

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